City View Group is committed to providing a consistently high level of property services and ensuring our customer needs are met or exceeded. Our company respects the rights of all individuals and all concerned will be treated fairly, equally, honestly and with integrity at all times.

As our customers you can expect us to:

  • Listen, understand and respond to your needs in a timely and professional manner.
  • Work with you to identify options and solutions and be flexible and creative in pursuing the best way forward.
  • Be objective, practical and reasonable about what is achievable – and only promise what we can deliver.
  • Provide data, information, advice and tools to support your decision making.
  • Share our technical and industry knowledge.
  • Keep you well informed of progress along the way.
  • Take action when things go wrong and provide feedback on what has been done to fix the problem.
  • Be people focused and take personal responsibility for the quality of the service you receive.
  • Act with integrity and treat you with respect and courtesy.

We will achieve this by ensuring:

  • Every employee will be responsible for continuously improving and reviewing their delivery of service
  • All customers will be treated equally and according to their individual needs regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  • All customers will be treated with courtesy, honesty and respect. Confidentiality will be respected at all times

Should a problem arise City View Group will:

  • Strive to immediately rectify the problem
  • Ensure senior management is available when requested
  • Advise the customer of what course of action is proposed
  • Ensure the customer is satisfied with the outcome
  • Implement internal quality procedures and reporting to reduce the likelihood of recurrence