City View Group is committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of our business. This requires the commitment of everyone working City View Group to pursue our activities safely, protecting our health and preserving the environment.

To realise this vision we will:

  • Comply with legal requirements pertinent to our industry and with the requirements of other initiatives we enter into in accordance with our commitment to offer quality services.
  • Employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to prevent activities and / or conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety, or the environment.
  • Look for ways to minimize risk and protect our employees and the communities in which we operate by employing clean technology, including safe technologies and operating procedures, as well as being prepared for emergencies.
  • Strive to minimize releases to the air, land, or water through use of cleaner technologies and the safer use of chemicals. We will minimize the amount and toxicity of waste generated and will ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Manage scarce resources, such as water, energy, land, forests, in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Communicate our commitment to environmental quality to our employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Establish and review periodically our environmental goals within a program of continual improvement.
  • Pursue our work with a minimum of disturbance to our neighbours and the community.

This policy and any subsequent modifications will be familiar to all employees. Implementation of this policy is a primary objective of our Senior Management and the responsibility of all employees.