City View Group has implemented the Kevah System into their business. A powerful and flexible software solution for implementation on handheld PDAs. This software has assisted City View Group in the management of property services and the assets and life cycles of our client’s properties.

City View Group has dedicated a significant amount of resources into implementing technology and will be utilise the Kevah System on your site to capture areas of damage, ill repair or defects this will enable us to provide you with the appropriate information for rectification. The Kevah System will also be used to conduct all quality assurance inspections and OH&S inspections. This will provide an imperative database of information eliminating the masses of paperwork.


  • Create customised forms and reports for your business processes and customers.
  • OH&S compliance, quality inspections and damage reports created easily and quickly.
  • Reports completed in the field with photos and text for added accuracy.
  • Entering data once, sharing it quickly and seamlessly across the company with contractors and service providers.
  • Kevah reports export to Microsoft Word and Excel and also integrate with current systems. Reports can be automatically emailed.


  • Reports are more accurate because they are completed on the spot with photos and text.
  • OH&S compliance that can be demonstrated with reports that are time-date stamped and locked for integrity. Precise compliance becomes an easy, every day activity.
  • Incident reports immediately and accurately capture what happened. • Verifiable audit trail. • Consistency.

This system verifies our staff and suppliers who enter and operate on the site. This significant piece of equipment ensures that compliance in all phases. In addition, City View Group has implemented a less complex system Praxeo Remote Token Service that can be also utilised on your site.

This system provides us with following:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to use
  • Requires no infrastructure
  • All “tap-on-the-shoulder” alerts for missing, late or no show staff or contractors
  • Support during business hours
  • See who’s on site in real time over the web
  • Staff timesheets in PDF or excel format